Jonathan R. Adelman


What I do

I work in the areas of comparative politics and individual politics with emphasis on three countries--Russia (4 visits), China (19 visits) and Israel (12 visits).

Professional Biography

Since getting my B.A. and Ph.D from Columbia, I have written or edited 12 books, mainly on Russian, Chinese and Israeli politics. I am currently a consultant on Russia and China for two major Silicon Valley hi-tech firms (one is Cisco). I have worked for the State Department (18 international speaking tours on four continents), Defense Department (eight years half-time for SAIC as Senior Scientist) and briefed Condi Rice many times in h as National Security Advisor and Secretary of State. I am currently finishing a book, "Crushing the Revolution"

I have also worked with the Israeli Foreign Ministry for three years on successfully obtaining diplomatic relations with China. I have taught at Hebrew University, the University of Haifa, Central European University and the Diplomatic Academy at the Russian Foreign Ministry. I have been an Honorary Professor at Peking University and People's University in China. I founded and ran the China and Israel centers at DU.

I have written 29 op-eds in the last year, with the Huffington Post (10 op-eds) and the Jerusalem Post (9 op-eds) in the lead as well as op-eds for Fox,CNN and CC TV. The people in charge of university contributions to op-eds have told me that I am easily #1 among professors at the University of Denver by a large margin. Overall in the last 5 years I have had 128 op-eds published in a wide variety of media.

I have given talks at Cambridge, Harvard, Berkeley and Columbia. I also am a popular speaker on Israel and the Middle East, giving over 20 speaking tours speaking tours across the US last year.

Finally, I am working on two books, one Crushing the Revolution: The Role of the Military In Revolutionary Failure and the other, The Soviet Union in World War II. I will also finish at some point the book on Global Threats. I am a regular commentator for Voice of America on the Middle East, China and Russia with 15-20 appearances a year and over 100 appearances in the last six years.


  • Ph.D., Political Science, Columbia University, 1976
  • MA, Political Science, Columbia University, 1973
  • BA, Economics, Columbia College, 1969

Professional Affiliations

  • Scholars for Peace in the Middle East


Comparative Politics with focus on revolutions, international politics and domestic politics primarily in Russia, China and Israel.

Featured Publications

Adelman, J. R., & Gibson, C. (Eds.). (1970). Contemporary Soviet Military Affairs: The Legacy of Wold War II. Boston, USA: Unwin and Hyman.