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We offer study abroad programs that allow students to apply their coursework directly in affected regions. If you're intent on pursuing an international career, meaningful cross-cultural experiences beyond vacation travel are vital. 

The University of Denver has more than 150 programs distributed across six continents, providing numerous opportunities to advance your coursework and professional development. All study abroad tuition is offered at the standard DU rate.

100% of international studies students take part in experiences abroad.

150 We offer over 150 programs in 50 countries.

$0 Additional tuition costs.

Why Korbel Students Go Abroad

Forming an International Perspective

Immersion in another culture is an essential element of an international education. While you're abroad, you'll learn to function within a new set of social customs, rules and values. You may even achieve fluency in a foreign language and return with an enhanced perspective of the world.

These skills are assets in professional roles that repair or build international relations. In addition, the ability to adapt in foreign situations is a skill that applies to virtually any professional role.


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Experience a truly international education. 

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