Responding to new and emerging security threats.

With longstanding alliances falling into jeopardy and the world’s most powerful nations grappling with the idea of peace, security remains one of the most important topics of our time. That’s why Julia Macdonald, assistant professor in the Korbel School, analyzes state threat assessments, use-of-force decisions and U.S. military strategy. Korbel students, meanwhile, are digging into security issues of unrivaled gravity — from weapons of mass destruction to the military’s use of autonomous systems. When you join them, you will find yourself at the crux of the action, where you will learn from leaders in the field and engage with Denver’s top security professionals on everything from counterterrorism and criminal investigation to counterintelligence and cybercrime.

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Deborah Avant

Deborah Avant


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George Casey

George William Casey

Adjunct Faculty

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Faculty Publications

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War, Women, and Power

Professor Berry's publication explores the political mobilization of women in Rwanda and Bosnia, particularly after the mass violence in the early 1990s. Less than ten years later, Rwandans surprisingly elected the world's highest level of women to parliament. In Bosnia, women launched thousands of community organizations that became spaces for informal political participation. This mobilization in both countries complicates the popular image of women as merely the victims and spoils of war. Read more. 


Resisting War

In civil conflicts around the world, unarmed civilians take enormous risks to protect themselves and confront heavily armed combatants. This is not just counterintuitive - it is extraordinary. In this book, Professor Kaplan explores cases from Colombia, with extensions to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, and the Philippines, to show how and why civilians influence armed actors and limit violence. Read more.

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George Casey
General Casey Speaks with Sié Fellows about Nation's Greatest Security Concerns

Korbel alumnus General George W. Casey Jr., (Ret.) (MA '80), former Chief of the Staff of the U.S. Army and Commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq, recently took time to sit down to breakfast and talk with the Josef Korbel School's Sié Fellows and undergraduate students. 

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Minerva Institute
Professor’s Research Explores How Humans Respond to Autonomous Systems

When the Department of Defense (DOD) needs to get up to speed on the social, cultural, behavioral and political trends affecting the nation’s security, it calls in a special kind of special forces.

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