In 2012, Helen Crossley provided a $1 million gift to establish the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research and promote advancement of the field. Her gift also funds Crossley Scholars fellowships to assist graduate students in pursuing careers in public opinion research.

Our Center honors the legacy of pioneer Helen and her father, Archibald Crossley, while serving our local, national and global communities as a reliable source of up-to-date political news. We have been staffed by professor and director Floyd Ciruli since 2013, a Denver-based pollster and political analyst.

Find out how the Crossleys changed the landscape of public opinion research

The Crossleys

Faculty & Staff

  • Floyd Ciruli
    Floyd Cirruli

    Floyd Ciruli is the inaugural director of the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research. Mr. Ciruli teaches graduate-level courses in survey analysis and methodology to promote the center's focus.

    Mr. Ciruli, a pollster and political analyst, is principal at Ciruli Associates, a consulting and public opinion research firm. He holds a law degree from Georgetown University and a Bachelor's degree in political science from UCLA. Currently, he is a board member of the Social Science Foundation of the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and the Georgetown Law Alumni Board. He is past president of the Pacific Chapter of the American Association of Public Opinion Research (AAPOR).


  • Karen Hayden
    Karen Hayden

    Karen Hayden serves as the program manager for the Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver. She manages the administration of the Crossley Center, as well as oversees event planning and manages marketing communication efforts for the Center. She earned a master’s degree in Religious and Social History, 1500-1750 from the University of Warwick, Coventry, England.  She also has a bachelor’s degree in history with a minor in sociology from Metropolitan State University of Denver.  

  • Faculty & Other Presenters

    DU Professors

    • Professor Lisa Conant
    • Professor Lewis Griffith
    • Professor Seth Masket
    • Professor Timothy Sisk
    • Professor Suisheng Zhao
    • Chancellor Jeremy Haefner
    • Dean Fritz Mayer


    Other U.S. Professors

    • Professor Andrea Benjamin
    • Professor Tom Cronin
    • Professor Russell Dalton
    • Ambassador Christopher Hill


    Japanese Professors

    • Professor Akiko Fukushima
    • Professor Nobukatsu Kanehara
    • Professor Koji Murata
    • Professor Toshihiro Nakayama
    • Minister Noriyuki Shikata
    • Professor Tsuneo “Nabe” Watanabe



    • Sean Boyd, CBS4 political reporter
    • Joey Bunch, Editor of Colorado Politics
    • John Frank, Political reporter
    • Melanie Layton, Lobbyist
    • Sheila MacDonald, Democratic consultant
    • Amber McReynolds, former head of Denver Elections Department, CEO of National Vote at Home Institute
    • Tim Ryan, 9KUSA, Assistant News Director, now Director of Content
    • Dina Smeltz, Researcher
    • Jessica Taylor, Editor of Cook Political Report
    • Ann Trujillo, Denver 7 political reporter
    • Dick Wadhams, Republican, Colorado political expert
    • Steve Welchert, Democrat, Colorado political expert

Crossley Scholars

The Crossley Center provides fellowship opportunities for graduate students pursuing careers in public opinion research. Crossley Scholars conduct and present research, and attend regional, national and international conferences and events.

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  • 2021-22 Crossley Scholars
    • Olivia Barrows
    • Elizabeth Clemons
    • Bianca Garcia
    • John Hense
    • Phoebe Iguchi
    • Kylie McKee
    • Jessica Morris
    • Christian Thomas
  • Past Crossley Scholars


    • Emily Krizmanich
    • Kevin O’Connell
    • Elizabeth Romanov
    • Caitlin Sheridan
    • Qi Xia



    • Devin Clark
    • Zack Kramer
    • Brittney Lewis



    • Nadia Iranpour
    • Steven Reed



    • Jonathan Futa



    • Andrew Quirk



    • Chelsea Bartholomew
    • Gina Jannone



    • Aaron Schonhoff
    • Kevin Stay