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The Pardee Center is committed to engaging students in a broad range of learning opportunities.  Our Research Aides interact with policy communities and other constituents in the public arena by producing research with impact. The Center employs nearly 100 Research Aides annually who contribute meaningfully to the Center’s project portfolio and to the development of an enriching and rigorous research community.

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International Futures Coursework and Research Opportunities

The International Futures (IFs) system was originally developed by Pardee Center founder Barry Hughes as a freely available educational tool for university students and has since grown to inform professional policy analysts in their efforts to think about the future. Since its beginning, the Pardee Center has remained committed to ensuring that the tool remains free and open to the public, including through formal coursework in the Korbel School and trainings to teach students and the broader IFs community how to use IFs for research, forecasting, and policy analysis. 


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Work with the Pardee Center

Research aides work together in project and resource teams teams based on their interests in combination with Center needs (these include, but are not limited to, teams focused in data gathering; literature review; data analysis and visualization; and analysis and writing). Through an organized mentoring and project management system, research aides develop research skills, function as members of a team and as leaders, and have the opportunity to interact with Pardee Center faculty and professional researchers and with Pardee Center partners. They enrich our work, expand the scope of what we are able to accomplish, and represent a link to the broader University of Denver community, and we, in turn, provide support as they pursue their long-term career goals.

Students at the University of Denver who are interested in enrolling in an IFs course should contact us at For those who are interested in working with the Center as research aides, we encourage you to apply via Pioneer Careers (PCO) the University of Denver student job board, where we constantly share new opportunities.


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The Center has a formalized process for matching highly qualified current research aides with internship opportunities that develop through the Center’s work with clients and partners.

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