Private Sector

  • Arrow Electronics

    File:Arrow Electronics logo.svg

    The Pardee Center forecasted Arrow’s international country level revenue across long time horizons to inform strategic planning within the organization. This analysis was coupled with political risk models to inform cost-benefit analysis of future investment strategies.

     Arrow Electronics generously provided the Pardee Center with an institutional gift in 2013.

  • General Motors


    By the late 1990s General Motors had already established an important production and marketing presence in China but was interested in better understanding future prospects. The IFs team collaborated with their futures and planning group in that analysis.

  • Atlantic Council with Zurich Insurance

    Atlantic Council with Zurich Insurance

    Our team, along with our partners at the Atlantic Council Foresight, Strategy, and Risks Initiative, has been working with the Zurich Insurance Group to develop forecasts and a series of reports assessing three categories of risk affecting governments and businesses worldwide: cyber, demographic and geopolitical.

    View the report on forecasting cyber risk here and our specialized cyber risk dashboard here

    View our reference report on demographic risk here.

    View our reference report on geopolitical risk here.

  • Google's Public Data Explorer

    Google’s Public Data

    Google’s Public Data Explorer provides users with a free, easy to use means of accessing, exploring, and visualizing large datasets and public databases. Now, thanks to collaboration between the Pardee Center and Google, you can use the Google Public Data site to explore a wide range of forecasts from IFs, including: an updated global forecast replicating Hans Rosling's famous cross-sectional plot of fertility and GDP; global energy demand for UNEP GEO 4 scenarios; relative material power for the United States, China, and India; a map displaying the distribution of malnourished children; and the percentage of people by region with household connections to safe water.

    For one example of how Google Public Data Explorer can be used, please see the following visualization of Population (percent total) 65+ and Power Index compared by country. 

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