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Why “Bread and Oil” Protests in Sudan Prompted a Cabinet Reshuffle

Article | Cullen Hendrix

Sudan is now on its third cabinet in two years, with previous governments unable to tackle the country’s economic challenges.

Will Climate Change Lead to More World Conflict?

Article | Cullen Hendrix

Academics have disagreed on this question, until recently. Here’s what to expect.

Will the genocide against Rohingyas continue?

Article | Haider Khan

According to UN investigators in late 2018 and early January 2019, genocide against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar has hardly stopped.

Women’s political inclusion in Kenya’s devolved political system

Article | Marie Berry

Kenya’s 2010 constitutional reforms devolved the political system and included a quota designed to secure a minimum threshold of women in government.

“I Don’t Belong Here”: Understanding Hostile Spaces

Article | Juliana Restrepo Sanin

Sexual harassment law is based in part on a theory of “hostile spaces,” with the central idea being that individual harassing actions have larger consequences for the more general environment in which they take place. But what exactly do they do?