Engagement Initiatives

The Sié Center is at the forefront of research on responsible engagement between academics and practitioners on inclusive activism, leadership, and grassroots organizing and exploring the democratic (or not) qualities of experimental governance.

Security, prosperity, and social justice are often treated as separate research programs, but they are intrinsically linked. Security problems rarely arise out of thin air, but instead are often linked to concerns about social justice. Similarly, conflict has direct implications for the prosperity of societies. And relative prosperity is tied to both social justice and security. Effective action to address these concerns is thereby aided by attention to their interactions.

Research at the Sié Center aims to improve the world through exploring connections among security, prosperity, and social justice concerns. Our main engagement initiatives pursue these interconnections by bringing together our faculty with external partners to pursue a better understanding of these problems with real-world applications. We share the findings from these initiatives through publications and public events, and by providing trainings for the next generation of scholars and practitioners.  

We collaborate and engage with many global communities to help make the world more inclusive, welcoming, peaceful, and just. This work has connected us with internationally recognized experts and scholars, helped forge partnerships with influential policy organizations, and attracted generous foundation funding. Our high-caliber faculty and students combine with these connections to advance our transformative projects. 

Responsible Public Engagement

We're working to help academics and researchers use their work to improve outcomes and engage ethically, particularly in times of crisis and rapid change.

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Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative

Our Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative encourages engagement between researchers and activists on how to most effectively wage and support movements for social change.  

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Navigating the Future of Governance

By examining experimental government responses to crises, we're working to understand how new responses to crises impact democracy. 

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