Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative

IGLI encourages engagement between researchers and activists on how to most effectively wage and support movements for social change.

Our Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative (IGLI) initiates research, education and programming aimed at elevating and amplifying the work that women-identified and gender non-conforming activists are doing at the grassroots to promote peace, justice and human rights around the world. IGLI embraces a commitment to nonviolence and feminist principles of leadership. This initiative is Directed by Professor Marie Berry. 

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Our Three Core Components


How do post-war empowerment interventions impact women's lives? The Women's Rights After War (WRAW) project asks which women benefit from new opportunities, suggesting that the implementation of gender egalitarian laws and policies often maps onto existing socio-political cleavages.

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The IGLI speaker series brings speakers and practitioners-in-residence to the University of Denver as part of an effort to convene conversations that catalyze inclusive leadership related to global peace and security. These guests conduct innovative programming that actively includes members of the broader community in Denver and beyond.

IGLI Summer Institute

The Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative's annual Summer Institute brings women-identified activists working on the frontlines to promote peace, justice and human rights around the world to Colorado to receive advanced training in waging successful nonviolent movements for social change. The Institute is designed to strengthen their role as leaders in movements by offering women activists evidence-based training, networking opportunities and a space to exchange stories about their particular struggles and successes.

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A group of seven women march side-by-side, all of different backgrounds and wearing white. Accompanying text says "Feminist Peace Summit, May 1-3, Denver, CO"

Feminist Peace Summit - May 1-3, 2024

Registration is now open!

A coalition of feminist and demilitarization scholars, activists, and movement leaders are organizing a Feminist Peace Summit in Denver, Colorado from May 1-3, 2024. The Summit is open to all who want to join a creative, participatory 2.5 day effort to transform U.S. foreign policies away from war and militarism by advancing feminist and internationalist values.

The Summit will bring together activists, academics, policymakers, philanthropists, and other key allies for several days of plenaries, breakout workshops, training sessions, and art-based political education. We are excited to welcome leading scholars and activists such as Margo Okazawa-Rey, Cynthia Enloe, Toni Haastrup, Sara Haghdoosti, Linda Burnham, Kavita Ramdas, Diana Lopez, Yanar Mohammed, Janene Yazzie, Lara Kiswani, Nana Gyamfi, and more as some of our plenary speakers.

We are convening this Summit in the face of intensifying militarization and climate devastation at home and abroad, and believe it is ever more urgent to gather our social movements to call for genuine human security grounded in peace, justice, and ecological sustainability.  


Deadline to register is Wednesday, April 3, 2024. Visit our FPS website for more info, FAQs, and to register here!

Questions? Email us about FPS at

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Learn About Dr. Marie Berry's Award-Winning Work

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The Sié Center and IGLI's Practitioner-in-Residence program brings prominent practitioners to DU to share their practical insights and expertise with students and faculty. Learn more about the Sié Center's Practitioners-in-Residence and Visiting Scholars here. 


Spring 2023: Cuban art historian, human rights activist, and democracy advocate Carolina Barrero gave guest lectures, met with faculty and students, participated in community events, and gave a public talk on the theme, "Art and Resistance: The Story of a Citizens’ Uprising in Cuba." 


Winter 2023: Kurdish-Iraqi poet and scholar Choman Hardi gave guest lectures, met with faculty and students, and gave a public talk on the theme, "Women’s Resistance: On the Page and on the Ground." 


Spring 2022: Togolese activist Farida Nabourema returned to the Korbel School to teach her popular class on "Resisting Authoritarianism in the Digital Age." 


Fall 2021: Nanjala Nyabola, a Kenyan researcher and writer, taught a class on “African Women and the Revolution” and gave a talk on “Digital Rights for the People: Freedom, Justice and Inclusion in the Digital Age.”


Spring 2021: Togolese activist Farida Nabourema joined the Korbel School as an adjunct faculty member after her participation in the 2019 Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative (IGLI) Summer Institute. She taught a course on "Resisting Authoritarianism in the Digital Age." Farida also participating in the public event, "Forging Feminist Futures," which featured IGLI alumni Karen Isaacs (Israel) and Yanith Verónica Cristancho Segura (Colombia). 


Fall 2019: Award-winning independent media expert and entrepreneur Honey Al Sayed taught a course on "Media and the Arts for Peace" and gave a talk on social movements held at the RedLine Contemporary Art Center in Denver's RiNo art district.

War, Women and Power: From Violence to Mobilization in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina


Rwanda and Bosnia both experienced mass violence in the early 1990s. Less than ten years later, Rwandans surprisingly elected the world's highest level of women to parliament. In Bosnia, women launched thousands of community organizations that became spaces for informal political participation. The political mobilization of women in both countries complicates the popular image of women as merely the victims and spoils of war. Through a close examination of these cases, Marie E. Berry unpacks the puzzling relationship between war and women's political mobilization.

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Past Events

Self-Defense, De-Escalation and Healing Space: A Workshop with IGLI Alumna Rana Abdelhamid

November 9, 2018

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The Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative (IGLI) at the Sié Center was pleased to invite the DU Community to join IGLI alumna Rana Abdelhamid for a dynamic self-defense, de-escalation and healing space workshop. Rana is the founder of MALIKAH, a global collective of women committed to building security and power for ourselves and our communities. Over the past eight years, MALIKAH has conducted healing spaces and trained over 3,000 women in self-defense, economic empowerment and organizing. MALIKAH believes that it is our human right to exist in the world free from all forms of violence, and provides women and non-binary individuals with skills to de-escalate violent situations.

Book Talk: War, Women and Power with Marie Berry

April 10, 2018

This talk and panel convened experts in the field of gender, peace and security to discuss the themes in Marie Berry's book — War, Women and Power: From Violence to Mobilization in Rwanda and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This panel featured Yolande BoukaErica ChenowethMilli Lake and Zoe Marks, with an introduction by Josef Korbel School Acting Dean, Pardis Mahdavi.

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