Research at the Sié Center connects security with technological change, environmental change, business and social justice, gender, political economy, governance and democracy, and the roles of non-state actors. Sié-affiliated research enhances innovative teaching at the Korbel School and often involves graduate and undergraduate students. Explore highlights of this research below.

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Highlighted Project:

Civil Action and the Dynamics of Violence

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For years, scholars focused primarily on macro-narratives, states, and violent actions to understand conflict. Building on recent research surrounding the role of micro-dynamics, non-state actors, and non-violent action, Sié Center faculty worked together (with support from the Carnegie Corportation of New York) to develop the concept of civil action. We then brought together a stellar group of global researchers to examine the repertoire of civil action in conflicts throughout the world. This effort is a testament to the role of collaboration and creativity at the Sié Center. You can find more information about the book here.

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Research Areas

Technological Change

Explore the implications of technological change for security, governance and social justice.

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Environmental Change

Size up the social, economic and security challenges imposed by environmental change and our comparative responses to it.

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Business and Social Justice

Research the impact businesses have on social justice, from human rights to inequality to environmental sustainability.

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Engage in projects guided by feminist research questions and methodology.

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Political Economy

Research the economic impacts of political interrelationships among global entities acting on the world stage.

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Governance and Democracy

Gain comparative perspective on a variety of global dynamics associated with governance and democracy.

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Non-State Actors

Gain a unique perspective on how the role of non-state actors in security impacts prosperity and social justice.

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Data Downloads

Data created by the research projects at the Sié Center is typically available for public use.

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Student Involvement

On business and human rights, private security events, non-violent events in Africa, and more, graduate and undergraduate student researchers play key roles in data collection, coding, and sometimes co-authorship. Research opportunities at the Sié Center provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and develop new skills.  

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