Data Downloads

Data created by the research projects at the Sié Center is typically available for public use.

Social Conflict Analysis Database (SCAD)

The Social Conflict Analysis Database (SCAD) is a resource for conducting research and analysis on various forms of social and political unrest in Africa. It includes over 20,000 social conflict events across Africa from 1990 to 2011, including riots, strikes, protests, coups, and communal violence. Winner, 2017 J. David Singer Data Innovations Award, American Political Science Association. 

NVAVC: Nonviolent Action During Civil Wars in Africa

This program explores nonviolent action in violent settings, with a particular focus on non-state, nonviolent actors as drivers of security outcomes worldwide. Recent events in Syria, Ukraine, and elsewhere make clear that neither government policymakers nor various non-state actors on the ground have a good understanding of nonviolent action and its consequences for violence. Those on the ground rarely grasp the broader implications of their actions and high levels of government mostly ignore nonviolent actors, preferring to interface with their counterparts or relevant armed actors. Empirically-grounded research by scholars engaging with both governmental and non-governmental policy actors promises to address this lack of understanding and generate new innovations in theory and practice. 

Private Security Events Database

The Private Security Events Database provides information on events related to private military and security companies in Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia from 1990 to 2012, covering over 1200 events. It collects information on the services private military and security companies (PMSCs) provide, the clients they work for and the consequences of their actions. An updated version extending the data to 2016 will be released soon.

Private Security Monitor

The Private Security Monitor has been discontinued due to technical difficulties. Information about the industry’s regulation can be found on the Private Security Governance Observatory. Information on research surrounding this industry is also available from the Forum for Private Security Research and the Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights.