Cultural Diplomacy

We aim for the University of Denver to become internationally recognized for being a preeminent place for learning, programming, and meaningful conversations on the arts as tools for cultural diplomacy and social change. Our Cultural Diplomacy Initiative trains students to engage in creative approaches to addressing the great issues of our time and invites the broader Denver community to learn about how the arts can facilitate connections across the boundaries of nation, language, religion, and culture in vitally important ways. At this time, the Cultural Diplomacy Initiative has two primary pillars: Curriculum and Community Events. 

This is a joint program between the Sié Center for International Security and Diplomacy and the Newman Center for the Performing Arts.

The Cultural Diplomacy Initiative is made possible through the May Bonfils Stanton Endowment. 


Cultural Diplomacy Initiative Pillars


The Korbel School, in partnership with the Media and Public Communication program at DU, is building a curriculum on Arts for Social Change. The Korbel School is also launching a Global Justice Certificate in the Fall of 2024, which will feature courses on Cultural Diplomacy. 

More information coming soon! 

Community Events

Building on the success of the Cultural Diplomacy program at the Korbel School to date, the Sié Center will host regular public events, often in partnership with the Newman Center.

See highlights of some of our recent events below.