Confronting today’s challenges for tomorrow’s sustainable future

The changing climate, natural resource depletion, and increased demands on our food, water, and energy resources are defining challenges of the 21st century. Confronting these challenges will require informed policy, international cooperation, and inspired leadership if we are to put the planet on a more sustainable path and deliver on our obligations to future generations.

Our MA in Global Environmental Sustainability takes an engaged, interdisciplinary approach to understanding the causes and consequences of global change, informing strategies for action, and preparing students for impactful and meaningful careers. We seek always to connect the global to the local and to empower our students to make a difference at every level. Our graduates are prepared to hold key positions in important organizations worldwide in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

There’s never been a better time for students seeking to channel their passion for sustainability into a career. And there’s no better place to engage these issues than Denver, Colorado. Our location provides unparalleled opportunities to engage first-hand with the greatest concentration of environmental groups, green businesses, government agencies and other resources in the world.


In our newest MA program, students complete 60 credits including three common core courses, three conceptual core, three specializations, three methods training, three electives and one internship.

A sampling of highlighted courses includes:

  • Global Environmental Governance
  • The Environment, the Economy and Human Wellbeing
  • Environmental Security
  • Climate, Science, and Society
  • Food Security in the United States and the World
  • Global Health Affairs
  • Climate Justice


  • Climate Change
  • Food & Water Security
  • Environmental Security and Conflict Resolution
  • Energy and Resource Policy

Featured Faculty

Cullen Hendrix

Cullen Hendrix

Professor; Director, Global Environment and Sustainability; Director, Sustainability

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Jonathan Moyer

Assistant Professor

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Frank Laird

Frank Laird

Associate Professor

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