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Experiential learning is a definitive element of our educational approach. Through internships, cross-disciplinary courses, research and other hands-on learning opportunities—at DU and around the globe—we ensure students have the opportunity to receive the practical experience they need to thrive. 

Our degree directors are focused on creating educational experiences that address real-world challenges. The School is home to a number of research centers, institutes and initiatives that allow students to gain valuable research and internship experience. We also encourage our students to study abroad and learn a foreign language to widen their cultural perspective and articulate solutions with regional stakeholders. 

Our office of career and professional development is a unique resource dedicated to helping Korbel students identify employment opportunities in their area of interest or expertise. Actively mapping a student’s career early on aids in pinpointing and developing skills that their ideal employers specifically seek. Furthermore, many of our staff, faculty and visiting professors are actively engaged in the field and offer career-focused guidance to current students and alumni.

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Humanitarian Simulation Exercise

Whether made by man or by nature, a disaster leaves distraught and displaced people in its wake. Addressing the needs of survivors is the work of highly skilled aid workers and mental health professionals. To ensure that the next generation of those workers is prepared for effective service in the fog of calamity, the University of Denver sponsors an annual international humanitarian crisis simulation exercise.

Korbel School Students Hone Diplomacy Skills in ISCNE Program Exercise


This year marked the 8th anniversary of the International Strategic Crisis Negotiation Exercise (ISCNE), an experimental negotiation program organized by staff from the U.S. Army War College (USAWC) in partnership with faculty from the Korbel School.

ISCNE is a derivative of an exercise that the USAWC originally conducted with their international fellows between 1998 and 2014. The aim of the ISCNE program is to provide experiential learning opportunities to students studying international relations and public policy. As an outreach program of the USAWC, the program is a valuable tool to bridge the gap between civilians and the military.

To keep up with the latest with the ISCNE program, follow the U.S. Army War College’s Twitter account @ISCNE_USAWC.

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