Civil Discourse Initiative

Our major programs fall under the umbrella of an overarching Civil Discourse Initiative, as they each encourage and model evidence-based, respectful debate around innovative solutions to the pressing policy issues of our age. Effective policy solutions must be informed by diverse perspectives. The goal of our Civil Discourse Initiative is to contribute to the renewal of our society’s ability to engage in intelligent disagreements and productive dialogue between people who hold opposing views. The Initiative has three programs that span local to global policy issues and debates: the Scrivner Policy Roundtable, the Denver Dialogues, and The Colorado Project. 


Scrivner Policy Roundtable

The Scrivner Policy Roundtable is a quarterly event series that fosters a collaborative research and learning network among local Denver Metro policy actors and organizations, allowing a space for them to learn from each other’s work and share substantive dialogue about these hyper-local issues. Each roundtable features a presentation by a roundtable member on a specific element of their policy work, followed by a facilitated, robust discussion on the policy issue at hand.

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Denver Dialogues

The Denver Dialogues will bring together experts from four of the nation’s premier think tanks, including Aspen Institute, American Enterprise Institute (AEI), Hoover Institution, and New America, to engage in and model robust and constructive conversations on major issues facing the nation and the world.

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The Colorado Project

The Colorado Project convenes a politically and geographically diverse group of civic, political, and private sector leaders from around the state to focus intently on a core series of Colorado's salient public policy challenges. It will tackle those practical governance challenges facing our community that have been hampered by polarized debate — e.g., land use, housing affordability, economic mobility and inequality, and the effects of climate change. The goal is to work to establish common civic ground in order to move forward with practical solutions. The group will produce a set of evidence-based policy recommendations to inform action. 

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