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Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

We could not do our work without the dozens of students who support the Sié Center's faculty, projects, and programs. Our student research assistants gain valuable experience, develop skills, and network with leading experts. 

Through our student programs, the Sié Center seeks to prepare the next generation of scholars and practitioners. This includes our Sié Fellows, selected for their global leadership potential, and a variety of Ph.D., M.A. and B.A. candidates who bring their knowledge, skills, and experience to support faculty research and engagement efforts.

Students often have the opportunity to publish their research individually and in collaboration with faculty.

“I chose to come to Korbel because of the Global Health certificate that it offers, as well as the lifestyle that is available to me in Denver while being immersed in an academic environment focused on international studies. As a private institution, Korbel would not have been available to me without the Sié Fellowship. However, I am thrilled to have had this opportunity because of the quantitative skills I gained at Korbel. I also gained a lot from my Research Assistant position, where I spent two years learning qualitative coding and gaining a very wide breadth of knowledge related to corporate human rights abuses throughout the world. Lastly, the courses I have taken in the field of Global Health have been instrumental in developing my passion for addressing health inequities in the U.S. and abroad.”  

Giulia Bova, 2021 Sié Fellow and Research Assistant

Student Opportunities

Sié Fellows

The Sié Fellowship is a two year full-tuition scholarship awarded each year to outstanding master's degree students with the intention of developing future leaders.

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Research Assistants

Our student research assistants are crucial participants in our research efforts, and play an essential role in developing and analyzing new data to produce policy-relevant research.

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Featured Student & Alumni Publications

Navigating Fisheries Conflict

A significant increase in fisheries-related conflicts in the Indian Ocean since 2000 is heightening regional tensions. These conflicts have ranged from purely verbal and diplomatic disputes to armed attacks on fishing vessels by coast guards and navies. Managing these frictions will require careful diplomacy and coordination of expectations around access rights to these valuable resources among an incredibly diverse set of stakeholders. 

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Splitting the Bill

Ethnic and racial gaps in economic outcomes, labor opportunities and access to basic services, such as education and health remain a challenge throughout Latin America. Taxes and public spending are two effective tools governments have at their disposal to help close these gaps. However, fiscal policy tools are underutilized to reduce inequality in Latin America as compared to developed (OECD member) economies. 

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