Are you ready to take your passion for fighting injustices and inequality to the next level? Our certificate program looks at social justice in both local and global contexts, aiming to prepare students to support, participate in, and amplify movements from campaigns against femicide in Latin America to the #StopTheSweeps movement in Denver. 

Across the world, people are asserting their rights and devising movements to demand change. Build your knowledge of theories of social change and develop the skills to use media, advocacy, storytelling, and fundraising to grow justice movements and inclusion.

Graduates of the program will have a toolkit and network to launch careers in global social justice organizing and human rights advocacy. 

The Global Justice certificate can be applied in tandem with any of Korbel’s 60-credit-hour MA programs. You must be accepted into the Josef Korbel School to pursue this certificate.


Core Courses

Completion of the certificate consists of three core courses plus three additional electives.

  • Foundations of Global Justice: Theories of Power and Transformation
  • Grassroots Movements for Justice: Past, Present, and Future 
  • Capstone: Applied Strategies for Catalyzing Social Change (prerequisites Foundations and Grassroots Movements) - Directed Study style experience- students enroll towards the end of their time at Korbel. 

Elective Courses

You must take three additional electives in addition to your core courses. Possible elective options:

  • INTS 4656: Power, Institutions, and Justice in Environmental Sustainability
  • INTS 4215: Gender and Humanitarian Assistance 
  • INTS 4909: Climate Justice 
  • INTS 4632: Qualitative Research Methods
  • INTS 4011: Comparative Genocide 
  • INTS 4706: Restorative Justice 
  • INTS 4890: The Revolutions of Black, Brown, and Indigenous Peoples: Violence or Nonviolence? 
  • INTS 4569: Migration 
  • INTS 4706: Supporting Social Movements 
  • INTS 4670: Gender, Security, & Human Rights 
  • INTS 4047: Global Sustainable Development and Human Rights 
  • INTS 4362: Gender and Health 
  • SOWK 4132 – Power, Privilege, and Oppression

Suggested pathway: (1 course/quarter over 6 quarters)

Students can take the GJC over two years or condense it into a single year. An ideal pathway to completion would look like the following:

Year 1:    

  • Foundations of Global Justice: Theories of Power and Transformation 
  • Grassroots Movements for Justice: Past, Present, and Future 
  • 1-2 elective

Year 2:    

  • Capstone 
  • 1-2 electives
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Additional Information

Many Korbel programs require a specialization, and often you can submit your certificate transcript in place of a specialization. Check with your degree director to ensure compliance with your MA requirements. 


Key Faculty

Marie Berry

Marie Elizabeth Berry

Associate Professor; Director, Sie Cheou-Kang Cntr; Director, IGLI

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Chen Reis

Clinical Associate Professor; Degree Director, Human Rights; Director, Humanitarian Assist

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Application Information

Those who have been accepted to a MA level program and are interested in applying to the certificate programs should contact us for more information.