Businesses today face increasing pressure to behave ethically, leading to a greater demand for individuals with expertise around integrating sustainability and equity into business strategy. Our unique joint graduate certificate in global business and corporate social responsibility offers a foundation of knowledge in concepts of inclusivity and business ethics so that graduates are prepared for careers in responsible business.

The curriculum provides a clear understanding of the complexity of the global business environment and best practices to advance social responsibility efforts. Those who complete the certificate often find strategy positions in government, private and non-profit sectors. 

Only graduate students in Josef Korbel School of International Studies or Daniels School of Business are eligible to pursue this certificate.

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    Core Courses

    Students are required to take three core courses in: 

    • Global Business, Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • International Business: Strategy and Practice
    • The Political Economy of Global Business OR Introduction to International Political Economy
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    Elective Courses

    Students are required to take three elective courses that become available on a rotating basis to remain up-to-date on current global affairs.

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Deborah Avant

Deborah Avant


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