Our graduate certificate in public diplomacy will provide you with a sophisticated understanding of how global media and strategic communication are employed to advance political and foreign policy goals. Through the examination of history, theory, and practice, you'll learn how public diplomacy can support the strategic interests of individuals, organizations, and governments, while building bridges and creating dialogue with international stakeholders.

Our cross-disciplinary approach to contemporary international challenges will  empower you to better understand the implications of modern communication approaches and to apply them professionally in impactful ways. Graduates with this certificate pursue careers in public affairs and information, cultural diplomacy, nation branding, foreign aid, global health and development, international strategic communication, and international education.

This is not a standalone degree. All candidates must apply in tandem with enrollment at the Korbel School or Media, Film and Journalism Studies MA programs. Students must apply by February 1 of their first year. Please contact the certificate directors for information on the application process.

Certificate Requirements

You'll take a total of six classes (24 credits) across three categories.

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    Two Foundational Courses

    • Public Diplomacy and Nation Branding


    One of the following:

    • Media Theories
    • Global Media and Communication
    • Global and Multicultural Campaigns
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    One Applied Course

    • Foundations of Strategic Communication
    • Strategic Messaging (pre-requisite MFJS 4050 or MFJS 4080)
    • Global Health and Development Communication 
    • Social Media Strategies
    • Audio Documentaries
    • Global Edutainment and Narrative Persuasion
    • Seminar in Media, Film, and Journalism Studies 
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    Context Specialization Courses

    In addition you will  take three courses related to a specific issue area or region where you see public diplomacy as a key to understanding the current context.  At least two of these courses must be from the Korbel School (all Korbel graduate classes are eligible if approved), while the third may be either a Korbel course or an additional course from the MFJS department. Specialization courses must be arranged into a logical three-course set (by region and/or issue area) that is  approved by the certificate director(s) prior to your taking the courses in question.

Featured Faculty


MFJS Program Degree Director

Dr. Nadia Kaneva


Associate Professor, Department of Media, Film & Journalism Studies

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