We are working to address the great global challenges of our time: security and human rights, economic inequality, climate change and environmental sustainability, gender equality and the state of democracy. Courses in politics and economics, language and culture, and environment and public health make for a truly interdisciplinary international studies program that can transform your aspirations into action.

We prepare students for careers in the international arena not only by helping to develop your practical, analytical, and communications skills, but also through offering a rich array of study abroad options and providing real-world learning experiences. You'll find our alumni amongst business C-suite executives, international diplomats, non-profit leaders, politicians, lawyers and other public service professionals. Notable alumni of the Korbel school include Condoleezza Rice, Massouma Al-Mubarak, Heraldo Muñoz and General George W. Casey. 

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All international studies undergraduates choose at least one area of specialization and must successfully complete at least three upper-division INTS courses within that area. This allows you to add depth to your studies and develop an area of focus within the field of international studies.

Specialization Areas

  • Global Political Economy and International Politics
  • International Development and Health
  • International Organizations, Security and Human Rights

Critical Experiences

Foreign Language Requirement

Learning a foreign language is an important part of the International Studies major. The foreign language proficiency requirement may be satisfied (a) if you successfully complete the intermediate sequence of courses in one foreign language at the University of Denver with a C- or better, or (b) if you pass an intermediate-level test administered by the Center for World Languages and Cultures.

Study Abroad Requirement

All International Studies students study abroad and are limited to applying a maximum of 13.5 quarter credit hours toward the INTS major. Courses must be pre-approved by the BA program office prior to the start of the study abroad program.

Featured Faculty

Sandy Johnson

Sandy A. Johnson

Teaching Professor; Director of the Global Health Program

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Robert Uttaro

Teaching Associate Professor

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Keith M. Gehring

Teaching Associate Professor

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Kate Tennis

Katherine Hannah Tennis

Teaching Assistant Professor; Director, Honors Program

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Kevin Archer

Kevin David Archer

Teaching Professor; Assistant Dean of Undergrad Programs; Director, Curricular Partnerships

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Ahmed Abdrabou

Ahmed Mohamed Abdrabou

Visiting Teaching Assistant Professor; Adjunct Faculty

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