As technology, social issues and climate change accelerate, so do threats to our social systems and way of life. Our international security program has evolved to prepare students to enter this environment. Living in a globalized world requires innovative approaches to solve issues related to economics, environmental wellness and social justice in order to improve individual lives and strengthen international security. Topics covered include strategy, foreign policy, intelligence, homeland security, emerging security threats, regional security and conflict resolution.

Our program takes a multi-disciplinary approach to examining the causes and consequences of various threats, as well as the means of preventing and mitigating them. We provide an educational framework that addresses linkages between international, societal and individual threats. Our program emphasizes not only critical academic knowledge but the communication skills and forthright to develop and articulate real-world solutions. Graduates have gone on to work for the State Department, Central Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation and a range of think tanks and defense institutions. 

"Korbel has an incredible international security program that's world renowned."

Phillip Davis
International Security, 2020
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Course Requirements

There are a minimum of 60 course hours required for the degree. In your first year, you'll enroll in Defense and Security Methods and complete either Defense and Security Quantitative Analysis or Stats for International Affairs. Core courses are required to register for subsequent courses and, for that reason, you're encouraged to complete Skills, Foundations and Studies in Core within your first three-to-four quarters.

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Internship Requirement

Students are required to complete an internship for the MA in International Security. Internships at Korbel are managed through the Office of Career and Professional Development. In the past, students have found internships at the FBI, Defense Intelligence Agency and North American Aerospace Defense Command, among other high-profile government and private sector entities. 

Career Highlights

Our graduates have gone on to fill vital roles in governmental, private and public organizations. Korbel International Security masters now work for organizations such as the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security. 

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Student Organizations

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Denver Women in International Security

Denver Women in International Security works with our student body to forge connections between generations of women security professionals.

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Organization of Security Students

The Organization of Security Students is an inclusive student group aiming to promote an understanding of current international and national security issues.

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Debak Das

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