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Genghis Khan and the Empire he created will soon debut as an online exhibit at the Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures. The exhibition is the work of 12 history students in the Fall 2020 class – The Mongol Empire – taught by Eli Alberts, Associate Teaching Professor in the Department of History at Colorado State University.

The Story Maps covers the Mongol Empire from the 12th – 15th centuries. Visitors to the virtual display will learn about the journey of a man named Temujin, who emerged as the leader of a nation of peoples on the Mongolian steppe and came to be called Genghis Khan as well as how the armies of Genghis Khan and his descendants conquered empires in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and China. Visitors will explore how the Mongols ruled, what they thought about different religions and the role the Mongols played in the exchange of knowledge and technology across Eurasia, and ultimately, how the vast Mongol Empire fragmented and eventually collapsed.

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Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation produced this video. In this video, Dr. Chung-Chieh Chao introduced the highlighted works of the exhibition entitled, “A Variety of Zhong Kui Celebrating New Year: Maestro Xia Jing Shan’s Zhong Kui. The video highlights the venue.

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On February 28, 2019, Suisheng Zhao, professor of Josef Korbel School of International Studies and chief editor of The Journal of Contemporary China, visited Taiwan and Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation to initiate important collaborations. Professor Zhao signed an agreement with the foundation to confirm the international collaboration between “Journal of Xia Jing Shan’s Arts” and “Journal of Contemporary Art.”

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Xia Jing Shan Arts and Culture Foundation is sharing an exhibition, Jing Shan Avatamsaka – Maestro of Buddhist Art: Xia Jing Shan’s Bodhisattva, at Fo Guang Yuan Taichung Art Gallery, Taichung.

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