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Creating Connections Worldwide

Our academic community is continually challenged to improve our base of cultural, theoretical and practical knowledge in order to effectively understand and find solutions to global challenges. One of the ways we achieve this is by forming connections worldwide.

Our global curriculum is supported by study abroad programs, foreign language study and extensive opportunities to participate in international research. We also prioritize connecting our students, who hail from over 30 countries, with thinkers and leaders from around the world through programs and events.

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Korbel Resources

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Resources for International Students

Over 30 different countries are represented in our student body, and we make sure to provide the resources necessary for our international students to excel in their new home.

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International Student Admission

Aspiring diplomats from around the world come to Korbel to receive an exemplary education in the Mile High city. If you have a passion for international affairs, we invite you to apply to Korbel.  

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International Student Financial Aid

We're committed to enrolling talented students that represent all regions of the world. To help achieve this goal, we offer financial support to qualified international applicants.

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Diplomats and Practitioners

Our faculty is committed to preparing future leaders by encouraging active dialogue with policy leaders and helping our students and researchers make complex issues legible to a broad audience.

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Research at Korbel

Faculty and students lead research on a range of twenty-first century global issues. Our innovative work is made possible partially through our partnerships with institutes, clinics and centers. 

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Army Fellows

Every year we host U.S. Army War College Fellows. We're honored to have U.S. heroes with us auditing courses, giving lectures and conducting research.


Cultivating an international community is integral to our mission.

Message from the Dean

Additional Resources

1-20, SEVIS and Visa Information

After you are admitted, you will need an F-1 or J-1 Student Visa in order to live and study in the United States. Our advisors are available to help with this process.

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EducationUSA is a U.S. State Department network of over 425 international student advising centers in 178 countries. We're here to help you navigate these resources. 

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Study Abroad

Most Korbel programs require studying abroad. DU offers 150 programs in over 50 countries, allowing you to receive a truly international education. 

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