Resources for Current Students

We are committed to the success of our students. Whether you need assistance with classwork or career planning, we are here to help. Use this page as a starting point to find information about student organizations, diversity, equity and inclusion resources, and access to helpful centralized campus resources and support.


Student Organizations

Korbel School students are active in and engaged with our academic community, and student organizations are an important driving force behind that engagement. Our student organizations and groups offer a range of events and resources to help you foster meaningful connections during your time as a student.

  • Korbel International Students Organization (KISO)

    KISO serves the collective interests of all JKSIS international students and provides opportunities for social interaction and community-building. KISO members also welcome new international students to Denver and help them settle in.

  • Korbel Student Government Association

    The Josef Korbel School Graduate Student Association is the student government body that works with faculty, staff, the wider university and students on a variety of issues and projects with the aim of enabling the school as a unit to best serve the student population. From providing funding for student groups to planning social events, and many efforts in between, KGSA is dedicated to enriching the student experience of Korbel’s graduate students and encouraging interaction across degree programs.

  • Military and Veterans

    Our military and veterans group provides active-duty military and veterans with a social and informational hub, as well as a venue for members to come together to discuss academic topics and provide outreach to other students to discuss military affairs.

  • Queerbel

    Queerbel is a forum for LGBTQ+ students and their allies. The group strives to not only incorporate queer issues into international studies and discourse, but to also advocate on behalf of Korbel students who fall within the spectrum of queer identities

  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs)

    Korbel has a thriving community of over 50 RPCVs, and a variety of ways for them to engage in the University of Denver and Denver communities.

    • RPCV student group: Our RPCV student group is dedicated to helping students bridge their Peace Corps experiences and their lives back home. They support each other’s academic success, career and professional development, and mental health and wellness while continuing the important work of promoting cross-cultural understanding and volunteering to assist underserved communities both locally and globally.
    • Coverdell Fellowship: RPCVs chosen as Coverdell Fellows also complete a 75-hour practicum that addresses the needs of underserved communities within the United States or its territories. This practicum may be paid or unpaid and can be completed at any pace.
    • Special Events: RPCVs are often invited to events of interest to them, both at the University of Denver and at partner organizations.
  • Korbel Graduate Students of Color (KGSC)

    KGSC is a space to bring students of color at Korbel together. In this space, we strive to build an inclusive community through connecting with one another in informal settings, networking with minoritized professionals in international affairs, as well as promoting collective action and advocacy around issues in the greater DU community.

  • Womxn in International Affairs

    This group serves to offer a space for women and non-binary individuals to learn from each other and build solidarity in the traditionally male-dominated field of international studies.

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As an international institution, the Korbel School is committed to the values of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and provide our students and faculty with the resources necessary to be supported and supportive members of our community.

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Career Services Info

We’re committed to finding opportunities for our students to use their skills and passion to work towards a better world. Korbel’s Career Services is an essential part of that commitment and can take different forms throughout your relationship with Korbel. We offer career coaching to help students determine where their skills would be best utilized, and advice and application preparation for internships, fellowships and jobs. 

Internships are a required component of our programs and are a particular point of emphasis. In addition to helping students through the search and application process, we’re also able to draw on the generosity of our donors to provide funding for out-of-area internships. 

We also help you develop a global career network through a variety of events, career fairs and other programming that allow you to meet with potential employers and connect with Korbel alumni.

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