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The moment you graduate, you become part of a worldwide community of over 5,200 Korbel alumni. We provide abundant resources to ensure you can continue to create meaningful connections, both personal and professional, with your peers.

You can advance your personal and professional goals through networking. We encourage you to participate in events in your area and online and to take advantage of the University's Alumni and Professional Development opportunities, as well our specialized Korbel Office of Career and Professional Development services. We also invite you to attend one-on-one meetings and events at one of our regional offices across the United States. Visit the Korbel School website to see upcoming events and programs.

Connect with the Korbel alumni network through the School’s LinkedIn page and other social media. It’s a great way to seek professional advice, job opportunities, to stay abreast of happenings with the school, our faculty, events and more.

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Korbel Alumni Groups

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Washington DC Alumni

A number of Korbel graduates work in the private, public and nonprofit sectors in Washington, DC. We seek to keep DC alumni connected through events and information sharing. Learn how to get involved below. 

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Denver Alumni

Many of our alumni have elected to remain in Denver and across the Front Range longterm. This group regularly hosts events, enhances opportunities for alumni and guides current students toward viable job prospects. 


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Alumni Affairs

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Give Back to Korbel

Many of our alumni donate their time to our Dine & Dialogue program, a conversational lunch that serves as a valuable learning opportunity for current students. By speaking with professionals and leaders in the field, students can envision their own professional paths and receive advice on how to turn aspirations into reality.

Korbel Opportunity Fund

Alumni also generously donate to the Korbel Opportunity Fund, a new benefit that provides need-based scholarship support to historically underrepresented students and international Korbel graduate students. Gifts of all amounts are appreciated.

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    Career Development

    We offer a variety of opportunities for professional development, including help with your resume, cover letter and interview tactics. In addition, we host seminars that provide insight on topics like personal branding and salary negotiation. We also hold career events aimed specifically at women through our DU Women's Professional Alliance Series.

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    DU Job Board

    Interested in pursuing a job at your alma mater? Check the Job Board for open positions here at DU.

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    Alumni Career & Professional Development

    Alumni Career & Professional Development is dedicated to helping our graduates succeed through all phases of their careers. By providing resources, training and opportunities to connect with fellow alumni, we ensure Korbel alumni can flourish personally and professionally.

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    Connect on Social

    Korbel's social media presence continues to grow every day. You can utilize social media to stay connected with the school and your fellow alumni. Follow us to access information about our faculty, events and job opportunities.


Notable Alumni

Condoleezza Rice
Condoleezza Rice

Condoleezza Rice was the star student of our first dean, Josef Korbel. Since then, Rice has enjoyed a prolific career. She was the 66th United States Secretary of State, National Security Advisor and provost of Stanford University. 

George Casey
George W. Casey

General George W. Casey, Jr. was the 36th Chief of Staff of the United States Army, former Commander of the Multi-National Force in Iraq and namesake of the Korbel School's General George W. Casey, Jr., Endowed Scholarship for Distinguished Military Veterans. 


Learn more about our alumni.

Korbel Alumni

Alumni Contact

Alicia Kirkeby

Alicia Kirkeby

Director of Alumni Relations

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