Global Strategic Leadership for a More Sustainable Future

Addressing the global challenges posed by a changing environment, population growth, and increased demands on our food, water and energy resources will be some of the defining challenges of the 21st century. Given the complexity and magnitude of these interconnected challenges, the Korbel School’s Environmental Sustainability Initiative focuses on transformative approaches to turn these challenges into opportunities. Our work links local and regional issues to the global context and translates scholarship into action by offering solutions for a sustainable future, while promoting just and equitable development. 

Key Themes

Our multifaceted work focuses on key themes that are central to understanding and addressing the causes and consequences of global environmental change, including:

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    Economic and security implications of climate change

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    Consequences of global change for human wellbeing

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    Social justice and inclusive growth as key pillars of climate solutions

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    Policymaking to guide the transition to more renewable energy systems

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    Measuring and assessing progress toward the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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    Peaceful management of global commons resources, from the oceans’ fisheries to the atmosphere

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Translating Scholarship into Action

The Korbel School’s Environmental Sustainability Initiative has established collaborative partnerships with institutions in the nonprofit, business and academic communities. By developing partnerships, we are able to engage with current policy issues, facilitate dialogue and create a robust network of organizations and people engaging with the human dimensions of global environmental change.

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