Our MA program combines an in-depth study of traditional international studies with issue-oriented specialization and opportunities for internships or advanced research. A flexible and mostly self-directed degree, our MA has specialties in quantitative methods, environmental protection, policy making, global health and specific geographic areas.

This degree is favored by students pursuing careers in the government, private and non-profit sectors, as well as those considering a PhD. Graduates from the program currently work for the Department of State, Department of Energy, United States Agency for International Development, World Bank, United Nations Development Programme, Red Cross and Human Rights Watch.

Degree Requirements

Our MA students complete 60-credits including three core, three specialization, three skills, four electives and one internship. Students have the flexibility to choose from a variety of courses within these categories.

We further emphasize developing practical skills in financial management and fundraising in non-profits and cross-cultural communications that apply to virtually any international career.


Internship Highlights

  • InterAction logo


    Our students have interned at InterAction, an alliance of more than 180 NGOs and partners, all working together to improve lives on a global scale.

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  • red cross logo

    American Red Cross

    Some of our students intern with the American Red Cross to support their mission to provide emergency relief and aid wherever it's needed.

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  • atlantic council logo

    Atlantic Council of the United States

    The Atlantic Council of the United States offers a forum for some of today's leading thinkers to develop approaches to political and economic challenges that promote a more just and equitable world for all.

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Career Highlights

  • NDI logo

    National Democratic Institute

    Working at the National Democratic Institute gives graduates the opportunity to help support and strengthen democratic institutions across the globe by encouraging civic participation and institutional transparency.

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  • FBI logo

    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Graduates who find work with the FBI help support decision-making that can mitigate threats and help ensure a safer and more peaceful world.

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  • IIE logo

    Institute of International Education

    A job at the Institute of International Education is an opportunity to champion global collaboration and exchange as a key element of exemplary higher education. 

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Special Features of the MA in International Studies

Our students tend to be true scholars who seek to sharpen critical thinking and communication skills, reject easy answers, and consider learning about international affairs to be an ongoing process rather than a two-year affair.

As this program is flexible and largely self-directed, it's perfect for students who intend to apply to PhD programs as well as those who wish to develop their own specializations.

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