Center on American Politics

The Center on American Politics supports deep community engagement and interdisciplinary research on crucial issues in American politics.

The Center is chiefly focused on the two institutions most central to the integrity and responsiveness of American politics – elections and political parties. The Center assembles public conversations to provide voters, politicians and the broader community with insights about electoral campaigns and party practices, synthesizing the practical experience of activists, consultants, journalists and elected officials with the historical and systematic perspectives of a multidisciplinary team of scholars.


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Our events allow members of the DU community to have conversations that can enhance their understanding of American politics.

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CAP explores a variety of issues in American politics, including representation, democratic engagement, electoral behavior and the health of governing institutions.

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Scrivner Institute

We're part of a dynamic partnership with the Scrivner Institute of Public Policy, a research institute dedicated to exploring today's most pressing public policy challenges and working to advance positive solutions. 

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