International Futures Platform

The International Futures (IFs) model helps us explore, understand, and shape global questions about future human well-being. The model empowers users to examine past trends to understand the current trajectory we are on, how human, social, and environmental systems interact over time, and how we think about and address the “grand challenges” awaiting the global community.

Pardee Center
"IFs distills long-term change down to a set of rules that simulate the interaction of economies, societies, and the environment over long time horizons, making it possible to plan for future outcomes."

What is the IFs Platform?

IFs is a global model that covers 186 countries and integrates data to forecast major human, social, and natural systems. The platform allows for historical data analysis back to 1960 and forecasts hundreds of variables from 2015 to 2100.

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IFs is a powerful classroom tool, empowering students to think about future global policy scenarios.

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