Information for Attorneys

By producing country conditions reports, the KAP fills a critical role in the process of legal representation for asylum seekers and allows attorneys to focus on the legal aspects of asylum cases (and thus take more cases). We maintain continuous dialogue with partner attorneys to rate the quality of the country reports and also solicit feedback from clients when appropriate. In addition we gather several metrics about KAP's role in the cases in which our research is used, including the number of citations that appear in attorney briefs, the number of cases won, and other statistics that allow KAP to gauge the use of its country conditions reports.

Please note that the KAP approach to research and analysis does not predetermine research results to reach particular conclusions related to asylum cases. Analysts compile descriptions of country conditions based on a comprehensive review of available evidence.

"The folks at KAP went above and beyond to help out with the case. They worked up against a tight deadline and provided necessary edits and additional documents on the fly. They really are a pleasure to work with and make a significant impact on the strength of the case and the documentation in support of the claim." Elanie Cintron, Lichter Immigration

Submitting a Case to KAP

The process of in-taking cases and generating country condition reports generally runs as follows:

Flow chart of attorney case intake.
"My experience with KAP was incredibly positive. KAP's students and staff were professional, responsive, and generated high-quality country conditions reports. They accommodated our tight deadline and were sensitive to my client's desire to maintain his confidentiality. Ultimately, we included the KAP report in my client's asylum application and his case was much stronger as a result. My client and I are grateful for the invaluable service that KAP provides the refugee community." Angela Cifor, AILA Member