The Diplometrics Program at the Pardee Institute seeks to better understand and measure relationships in the international system by gathering data, building tools, and conducting analysis. The project identifies international interactions that measure the depth and breadth of political, diplomatic, economic, security, and cultural ties between countries.

  • Phase 1: The First Iteration of Diplometrics

    Diplometrics began as a data building and analysis project in 2011, focusing initially on developing and forecasting the first iteration of the Global Power Index and measures of diplomatic representation, membership in international organizations, and signing and ratification of multilateral treaties. The Global Power Index is a measure of national power featured in the National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030 report.

  • Phase 2: Expanding Data Sets & Analysis

    Since 2011, the Diplometrics Program has expanded significantly to include data on military capabilities, non-state actors, foreign travel by heads of government and state, diplomatic capacity, cultural affinity, power projection, and other data initiatives. With the completion of the Global Indicators of Dyadic Engagement dataset in 2020, the Pardee Institute has begun to use the combined data to analyze and forecast bilateral and networked influence across the international system. Additionally, the Institute has utilized its Formal Bilateral Influence Capacity Index, which is built in part from core Diplometrics data series, to launch a report in association with the Atlantic Council focusing on China-U.S. competition in Southeast Asia and implications for U.S. foreign policy.

  • Phase 3: Sharing Our Research

    Having built a robust portfolio of data on international power and influence, diplomatic interactions, political violence, and other issues, the Diplometrics team has enhanced its efforts to share our data with academics, analysts, policymakers, and the public. Through academic publications, commentaries, media interviews, and other public engagements, we seek to share our data and analysis with the world.

  • Support for Diplometrics

    Over the years, the Diplometrics Program has been funded by: the U.S. Army Future Studies Group; the U.S.Army Research Office; the U.S. Department of Defense Minerva Research Initiative; and other partners. Along the way, hundreds of students have contributed to the Diplometrics Program in meaningful ways. As work on Diplometrics moves forward, their continued support will ensure our institute continues to develop original analyses and advance conversations in the international relations space among policy­makers, academics, and the public.

Diplomatic Representation

The Diplometrics Diplomatic Representation (DDR) dataset was created from the Europa World Yearbook. The volumes report data on bilateral diplomatic representation from 1960 through 2020 (as of 2021).

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Country & Organization Leader Travel

Identifying the foreign travel of heads of government and state is a key component of understanding the policy interests of countries, geopolitical relationships, and international power dynamics.

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National Power

The Pardee Institute has developed several unique, multidimensional indices for measuring state power that conceptualize power as the potential for a state to realize its desired outcomes in the international system.

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Research Projects