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Mohammod T. Irfan

Research Consultant (Senior Scientist)

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  • Pardee Center for International Futures

What I do

Mohammod Irfan is a Senior Scientist at the Pardee Center. He has worked with the International Futures (IFs) integrated assessment modeling system since 1999. Mohammod developed and expanded core areas of the IFs model, for example, education and leaning quality, poverty, linkages to productivity and labor, HDI, government spending, electricity, irrigation, water and sanitation and road infrastructure. Mohammod taught courses on research methods, quantitative modeling, development and innovation policy at the University of Denver and at the University of Colorado, Denver. He is a regular contributor to the research paper and journal articles produced using the IFs model. He presented his works and collaborated with researchers at a wide range of research organizations and international agencies including the Scenarios Forum, Integrated Assessment Modeling consortium, International Studies Association, Human Development and Capability Association, UN Women, UNDP, EU, World Bank, UNESCO, IMF and USAID. 

Mohammod is also a software developer. He designed and developed several useful user interfaces for the IFs model, like an interface for extracting, vetting and blending external data, IFs scenario design screen, goal tracker displays, educational attainment pyramids and various parts of the data analysis screens. Mohammod’s contribution to the IFs application software systems extends to set up of IFs development system and troubleshooting system glitches.

Mohammod’s principal research interest is the scientific study of global change using dynamic multi-system, multi-region computational models.


  • M.S. Dhaka University, Bangladesh, Department of Physics
  • M.A. University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies
  • Ph.D. University of Denver, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Featured Publications

  • Dickson, Janet & Hughes, Barry & Irfan, Mohammed. (2015). "Advancing Global Education". 10.4324/9781315636153.