Korbel Travel Programs


Korbel in Geneva

Up to ten Korbel students are selected to spend six months in Geneva, Switzerland as part of an academic exchange with the Graduate Institute for International and Development Studies. Students arrive in Geneva in June and stay through December, interning at a Geneva-based organization and completing two or three graduate-level courses.


Korbel in Vienna

Up to four students are selected to spend five to six months in Vienna, Austria as part of an academic exchange with the Diplomatic Academy of the Vienna School of International Studies. Students arrive in Vienna in July/August and stay through December, and the program combines coursework with local experiences with the United Nations and other international organizations (IAEA, UNIDO, OSCE, etc.) headquartered in Vienna.


Korbel in DC

The Korbel School participates in the Global Security and Development Program in Washington D.C. This program enhances students' understanding of the issues, institutions and procedures involved in security and development through an internship and two to three classes per week. Close interaction with policy officials and experts in trade and investment, economic development, conflict resolution, transitional justice and democratization expose students to the rules, procedures, policies and institutional approaches associated with processes of development and globalization.