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Americans Dislike Putin, Support Ukraine, But Don’t Want War

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Floyd Ciruli

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Recent polls show that Americans want to avoid war in Eastern Europe, but choose Ukraine over Vladimir Putin and Russia. President Biden’s diplomatic strategy is generally supported and the U.S. far-right pro-Russian position is an outlier.

YouGov Poll, Kathy Frankovic and Carl Bialik

  • 74% Russia is serious threat to U.S., 60% so is Putin
  • 58% support Ukraine, 8% for Russia in this conflict
  • Only 13% say agree Ukraine can never join NATO (far-right position). For more on pro-Russia position, see Yahoo!News here.
  • But don’t favor war, 56% say sending troops to fight Russia is a bad idea (12% good idea)

Morning Consult, Politico

  • 57% support Biden’s diplomatic effort
  • 48% support deploying 3,000 troops to Eastern Europe
  • 65% support sanctions if Moscow attacks Ukraine (68% Democrats, 63% Republicans)
President Vladimir Putin at the Olympics in Beijing