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China-Russia Friendship – It Has Limits

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Floyd Ciruli

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The Crossley Center for Public Opinion Research March 10 panel of experts on Asian foreign policy believe that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has produced a significant warning for China on its “no limits friendship” with Russia. In their final comments to the question of the downside to the partnership, they said:

Akiko Fukushima

Akiko Fukushima, Senior Fellow of Tokyo Foundation for Policy Research. Believes China is demonstrating caution reflected in UN abstentions and communications with President Macron and Chancellor Scholz. She hopes China wants to act as a responsible leader in international affairs.


Tsuneo Watanabe

Tsuneo Watanabe, Senior Fellow of Sasakawa Peace Foundation. Ukraine has demonstrated the dangers of changing the status quo. He was impressed with the private companies who have chosen to withdraw from Russia, reflecting significant independent action as another element an aggressor country must consider.


Suisheng Zhao

Suisheng Zhao, Professor, Director of the Center for China-U.S. Cooperation. Hopefully, Ukraine demonstrates that Putin is dangerous for Russia, but also China and the world. China must work with countries, but U.S. will need to change policy and work with China. Talk to them more.