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CORD Changes Name to Align with Mission

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The Center on Rights Development has officially changed its name to the Center on Human Rights Education (COHRE). The decision was made after an internal reevaluation of the center's mission and vision and a desire to better reflect the center's work in its name.

"Founded in 1990, CORD is the oldest center at the Korbel School," said COHRE Director Claude d'Estrée. "COHRE will continue a legacy of educating on the core values of human rights."

The name change was announced in July 2016 and since then, the center has pursued initiatives better aligned with the center's updated mission statement: "COHRE contributes to universal recognition of all human rights with an emphasis on economic, social, and cultural rights through research and education."

Each academic year, COHRE focuses on a distinct theme. In accordance with this year's Labor Rights theme, they hosted a Social Impact Organization Forum and partnered with several community organizations to organize a Summit on Wage Theft. In addition, they will host their 19th Annual Human Rights Symposium this coming April. COHRE has also produced a new quarterly newsletter, a human rights research blog, a human rights bibliography, and a COHRE archive.

For more information, visit the Center on Human Rights Education's website.