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Election Deniers Control State Republican Party

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Floyd Ciruli

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Tina Peters

Donald Trump and the 2020 election continue to dominate the Colorado Republican Party. Celebrity election deniers were the two winners for key nominations at Saturday’s state nominating convention. The office delegates were most passionate about was Secretary of State. Tina Peters, the indicted Mesa County Clerk, won the nomination with 60 percent of the vote. Her co-nominee denier, Representative Ron Hanks, was designated the U.S. Senate nominee as he was the only candidate receiving the necessary 30 percent threshold. Hanks is famous for attending the January 6, 2021 rally/riot at the Capitol.

Ron Hanks

The crowd of 3,700 roared whenever their names were mentioned. Although Hanks was helped by the large field of mostly unknown candidates, the party establishment did not have much sway as their endorsed senate candidate failed to gain traction. Clearly, the party activists were mostly interested in the Trump disputed 2020 election and “election integrity,” with repeated references to using paper (no mail-back) ballots and hand counting (no computers) results.

The primary will be June 26 and both Peters and Hanks have challengers, but clearly, Donald Trump, the 2020 election and election integrity will be primary issues. Democrats look forward to the focus.

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