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Freedom Dies in Hong Kong

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Floyd Ciruli

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President Xi Jinping, and his Chinese Communist Party, fresh from celebrating their 50th anniversary, have just accomplished the mission started in early 2020. They are extinguishing any political freedom in Hong Kong, an abrogation of understandings of the handover in 1997 (one country, two systems).

Fearful of children’s books and stories, publishers were rounded up and placed in custody with black hoods. The CCP wants a more docile Hong Kong citizen, and education from colleges to children’s books are now the target. The new 2020 national security law, which uses vague language outlining succession, subversion, collusion with foreign powers and terrorism provides sweeping authority for Hong Kong security police. It was used earlier against newspaper reporters with Apple Daily.

Xi Jinping has turned China into a parish for democracy preferring people, which is visible in polls, and the growing international alliance of anti-Chinese human rights policies.

Hong Kong arrest
A hooded suspect led by a police officer during the arrests of five leaders of a speech therapists’ union in Hong Kong, July 22, 2021 | Vincent Yu/AP


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