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Hendrix and Glaser Cited in the Authoritative Global Report on Climate Change

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The just-released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)'s Working Group II report "Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and Vulnerability" cites the work of Josef Korbel School of International Studies faculty member Cullen Hendrix and research scientist Sarah Glaser.

The report details the impacts of climate change to date, the future risks from a changing climate, and the opportunities for effective action to reduce risks. A total of 309 coordinating lead authors and review editors, drawn from 70 countries, were selected to produce the report. They enlisted the help of 436 contributing authors, and a total of 1,729 expert and government reviewers.

Hendrix and Glaser's article "Trends and triggers: Climate, climate change and civil conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa" (Political Geography, Volume 26, Issue 6) is cited in Volume 1, Chapter 12 of the report. The authors of the report also cite the article "Climate change, rainfall, and social conflict in Africa" (Journal of Peace Research, Volume 49, Issue 1) co-authored by Hendrix and Idean Salehyan in Chapter 12 and Volume 2, Chapter 22.

Hendrix is affiliated with the School's Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security & Diplomacy where he and Glaser are conducting research on Fisheries and Conflict.  His projects Food Security, Conflict and the Global Economy and Social Conflict in Africa Database are also housed in the Sié Center.