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Inflation and Crime: Polis is Trying to Get Ahead of It

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Floyd Ciruli

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Voters are saying they are not happy with rising inflation and crime rates. Republicans have made them daily talking points. Democrats know they are vulnerable as the party in power in Washington and here.

Jared Polis

Governor Polis also knows it, and to blunt the criticism and slide to the center, he’s taken up lowering the costs of government as a cause. In an online interview with Jesse Paul of the Colorado Sun, he mentioned a myriad of cost lowering proposals, fees, etc. for state government. It was his priority issue. In his State of the State message, he said: “If it isn’t clear, saving Coloradans money and keeping our state affordable is my top priority this session.”

After criticizing TABOR refunds for years, Colorado Democrats are now fans. Inflation and a surfeit of state dollars has made giving money back to taxpayers a political asset.

Crime also made the list in Polis’ speech: “I’ve never been one to shy away from ambitious goals, which is why I want to spend the next five years making Colorado one of the top 10 safest states in the country.” After a spate of laws and rhetoric expressing concern on policing, prosecution and incarceration in the last two legislative sessions, Democrats are moving to the right as crime rates move up and reelection looms.