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Korbel Alumna Recognized in Times Square by NASDAQ

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Courtland Matthews

Communications Manager, Josef Korbel School of International Studies

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Times Square

Have you ever dreamed of having your name appear in Times Square? For Korbel alumna Miranda Villavicencio, it was a dream that came true a few weeks ago when the National Investor Relations Institute recognized her in its "Rising Leaders Under 40". The list recognizes individuals in the investor relations field that have superior professional accomplishments, demonstrated leadership, and strong industry contributions.

Seeing her name on the big screen was the culmination of years of hard work and determination for Villavicencio. As a Korbel student in the Master's in Global Finance, Trade, and Economic Integration program (now Global Economic Affairs), Villavicencio was selected as an intern at Ball Corporation. While in the internship, she learned more about the field of investor relations, and it quickly became something of interest.

Investor relations draws from many different disciplines, including communications, sustainability, economics, and business strategy. Villavicencio describes it as "being the face of a company to investors alongside the CEO and CFO" and requires a knack for storytelling. Much of the work involves interfacing with outside stakeholders and key management and acting as the market expert on issues affecting customers, competitors, and suppliers.

The internship and professional experience laid a path for future success. Villavicencio's strong work ethic and excellent communication skills eventually led Ball Corporation to offer her a full-time position as an Investor Relations Analyst after graduation. While she had to learn some skills on the job, the perspective and foundational knowledge she gained at the Korbel School has given her a clear advantage.


Villavicencio adds, "Having an advanced degree in International Relations invites you to think more than surface level on decisions that are mostly driven monetarily. Korbel exposed me to provocative ways of thinking of capital markets, integration of economic policies and social structures that have helped widen my perspective working at a public multinational company."

The investor relations field's fast-paced and ever-changing nature has proven attractive. "What excites me in the role is that every day is different, with new opportunities to be explored at every corner," notes Villavicencio.

What advice does she have for graduates navigating the job search? Villavicencio shares that having strong interpersonal skills and being authentic goes a long way, adding that "at the end of the day, being a person someone can see themselves working with is what will get you the job." She continues that while being professional is essential, it is also "critical to build an engaged and organic conversation with the interviewer and showcase your personality."