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Korbel School's Sié Chéou-Kang Center Named Inaugural Home of the Journal of Global Security Studies

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Journal Addresses Need for Scholarly Interaction and Debate Across the Broad Field of Security Studies

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The Sié Chéou-Kang Center for International Security and Diplomacy at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver, was recently appointed the inaugural home of the Journal of Global Security Studies. The journal addresses the need for scholarly interaction and debate across the broad field of security studies.

Published by Oxford University Press, the Journal of Global Security Studies is the newest journal of the International Studies Association, the premier organization for connecting scholars and practitioners in fields of international studies. The need for the journal goes back to the Cold War when academic journals focused on different security concerns. As the field of security expanded, scholars and practitioners debated the very definition of security and responded by examining particular dimensions.

The journal seeks to address the need for interaction among various perspectives in security studies by publishing the entire range of concerns reflected in the field and by providing an outlet for engagement and debate. In developing the first issue, the editorial team issued a call for proposals on the future of the global security studies. Over one hundred scholars submitted proposals, indicating strong interest in the journal's mission. The journal is currently calling for papers for a special issue on nonviolent civil resistance.

"This journal can be thought of as a big tent in which all perspectives on security are welcome, and where we explicitly encourage these perspectives to challenge and engage with one another," said Professor Deborah Avant, editor-in-chief and Sié Center director. The editorial board, comprised of distinguished faculty from schools around the world, purposefully represents a variety of perspectives.

The Korbel School's Sié Center team was deeply involved in the creation of the journal and now manages its operations. In addition to Avant, Professor Erica Chenoweth, the Korbel School's associate dean for research and affiliate of the Sié Center, is an associate editor; and Jill Hereau, associate director of the Sié Center, is managing editor. Two Korbel PhD students assist with editing and journal operations.