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Moyer joins ENACT Meeting in Geneva

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Pardee Institute for International Futures

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In December 2017, Director Jonathan D. Moyer travelled to Geneva, Switzerland for the first meeting of the ENACT Index Technical Reference Group. ENACT is a project funded by the European Union’s Pan-African Programme, dedicated to “enhancing Africa’s response to transnational organised crime (TOC)” by mitigating the impact on development, governance, security, and the rule of law in Africa. Professor Moyer joins the three-year project to help create a comprehensive knowledge base and an integrated approach to boost Africa’s response to TOC threats. The Index Technical Reference Group is collaborating on a multi-dimensional measure of TOC, its general direction, and underlying state risks. ENACT is implemented by a partnership of expert organizations, namely the Institute for Security Studies and INTERPOL, in affiliation with the Global Initiative against Transnational Organised Crime.