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Prediction: The Presidential Ticket in 2024

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Floyd Ciruli

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A frequently asked question in recent Colorado political expert panels is who will be on the presidential ticket in 2024. The most recent opinions from the respective party experts were:

Republican: If Donald Trump wants it, it’s his, but Governor DeSantis is the most frequently mentioned name among Colorado Republican activists. Vice President – a woman or person of color. If Trump’s primary picks for the 2022 midterm fail to win, he will be damaged.

Democrat: History and the odds say Democrats will stay with the 2020 team, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Too much risk and chaos to change.

Some outside observations:

  • Democrat. Biden and Harris will be blamed for the loss of the Senate and House. He will decide on one term and Harris will be beat by Gavin Newsom. Warren would be strongest VP.
  • Fusion ticket. Biden-Cheney
  • Independent conservatives. Manchin-Cheney
  • Trump family. Don Jr. and ? (Noem, Haley, etc.)
2024 Ticket - Some candidates