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Recall Numbers Are Moving. Summer of Discontent.

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Floyd Ciruli

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The virus surge is rapidly darkening the public’s mood and putting some incumbent politicians in danger. President Biden, who has made managing the virus his top priority, is after six months of stable approval ratings, beginning to receive ratings below 50 percent.

In the California recall, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s problem with the virus, mask and inoculation mandates is compounded by raging wildfires, reservoirs at record lows, high crime rates, and a large and visible homeless population.

Support for the recall has been increasing for several weeks, but a new poll (KABC/SurveyUSA) shows opposition to the recall dropping from 48 percent to 40 percent and support for removal at 51 percent.

And the surprise runoff winner in the latest poll would be Kevin Paffrath (27%), a mostly unknown YouTuber who has the good fortune to be the only Democrat in the list of candidates polled.

California recall polls