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As Xi Gets Another Five Years, China’s Woes Mount

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Floyd Ciruli

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Xi Jinping was just defied using the Imperial Rome term as leader of China with the status of Mao and Deng. The irony is that in his decade-long push for power, capstoned by his ascension in the country’s updated history and a new five-year term, China’s woes have mounted to a point that if there was any alternative or independent authority, it would surely be heard. Many of China’s problems are a direct reflection of Xi’s strategy and actions.

Xi’s Decade of Problems

  • Still dealing with COVID-19 lockdowns, major public relations disaster
  • Economic growth stalls, inequity grows
  • Uyghurs in re-education camps
  • Hong Kong freedom suppressed
  • Taiwan regularly threatened with force
  • Faux Islands in South China Sea
  • Conflicts with India (border) and Japan (islands)
  • U.S. begins aggressive effort to counter, including trade, alliances and military capability
  • Free and open Indo-Pacific becomes a cause for most Pacific countries
Chinese President Xi Jinping

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