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Education For Afrika: Dismantling Gender-based Violence For Congolese Women, Elimination of the Discrimination of Congolese Women and Refugees

I am a Puksta scholar, and through my tenure as a Puksta Scholar and CCSEL partner, I've created a program that provides educational opportunities and healthcare accessibility to African girls and refugees in Denver Colorado and eventually in Africa. For this project, I will be focusing on “Dismantling Gender-based violence for Congolese Women and the Elimination of Discrimination of Congolese Women and Refugees'' to inform and provide educational information of the gender-based violence that Congolese women face that prevents them from attaining education opportunities and healthcare accessibility. The purpose would be to provide data highlighting the Gender-based violence incidents and the lack of genuine aid from international corporations. I will be exploring the concept of Congo being the epicenter of Rape in the world as described by the secretary-general of the UN in the early 2000s and why it’s a destructive concept that continues to perpetuate rape.

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