Are you passionate about addressing the immediate challenges posed by climate change, population growth, and increased demands on food, water and energy? Given the complexity and magnitude of these tasks, we're exploring innovative and sustainable solutions. At the crux of this work is promoting just and equitable paths for future generations.

Develop a sophisticated understanding of current challenges and their policy-practical solutions through our global environmental change and adaptation certificate program. This certificate combines a core curriculum with wide latitude to explore issues of sustainability and environmental management from a variety of perspectives. The program prepares students for roles in government, nonprofit and private sectors.

The Global Environmental Change & Adaptation certificate can be applied in tandem with any of Korbel’s 60-credit-hour MA programs. You must be accepted into the Josef Korbel School to pursue this certificate.


Core Courses

Completion of the certificate consists of three core courses plus three additional electives.

INTS 4972: Global Environmental Governance
INTS 4642: Environmental Security
INTS 4397: The Environment, the Economy and Human Wellbeing

Elective Courses

You must take three additional electives in addition to your core courses. Elective options are:

INTS 4110: Food and Nutrition Security for Sustainable Development
INTS 4220: Political Economy of Energy & Sustainable Development
INTS 4223: Global Dynamics & Local Threats in Agricultural Development 
INTS 4290: Gender, Environment, and Sustainable Development
INTS 4339: Microfinance & Sustainable Development
INTS 4367: Global Health Affairs
INTS 4484: Agriculture & Sustainable Development
INTS 4579: International Futures
INTS 4909: Climate Justice
INTS 4539: Food Security in the World 

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Additional Information

Many Korbel programs require a specialization, and often you can submit your certificate transcript in place of a specialization. Check with your degree director to ensure compliance with your MA requirements. 

You are advised to fulfill your methodology requirements via the statistics sequence and either Statistics for International Affairs or Data Analysis for Development. Once your certificate is complete, it will appear on your official transcript. 

Key Faculty & Students

Frank Laird

Frank N. Laird

Associate Professor

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Application Information

Those who have been accepted to a MA level program and are interested in applying to the certificate programs should contact us for more information.