Receive specialized homeland security training that equips you to develop, articulate and implement innovative approaches to preventing and coping with terrorism and mass casualty events. This novel certificate is one of the first and most comprehensive efforts to address this critical need. 

Qualified graduates will be prepared to serve as administrators, executives, analysts and consultants in government and the private sector. Recent graduates have found employment with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency, General Accountability Office, and the National Security Administration.

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Degree Requirements

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    You are required to complete four specialization courses. These include: 

    • Introduction to Homeland Security
    • Homeland Defense: Prevention & Mitigation
    • American Government & Policy Making
    • Strategic Intelligence Data Collection and Analysis
    • American Defense and Security
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    Certification Courses

    You are required to take three certification courses. These include: 

    • International Terrorism
    • Intelligence and National Security
    • North American Defense and Security
    • Planning and Assessment in Complex Environments


Experiential Opportunities

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    Visit Intelligence Agencies

    We offer opportunities to get hands-on experience with the national security apparatus through visits to settings like NORAD/NORTHCOM, FBI Denver, Denver International Airport and more. 

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    We maintain relationships that allow us to facilitate internships with the Colorado Information Analysis Center (CIAC), the Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab (CELL), the Denver Diplomatic Security Branch and other intelligence agencies.

Featured Faculty


Benjamin Paul Gochman

Adjunct Instructor

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Steve Recca

Steve Recca

Adjunct Instructor

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