Europe Center

Our Mission

The aim of the Europe Center at ICRS is to bring critical issues in European affairs to the attention of students and faculty at the University of Denver and beyond. Collaborating with colleagues at universities in Europe and the United States, we endeavor to promote events at DU and broader research on critical issues facing Europe in comparative perspective, and bring an awareness of European political and economic developments to courses at Korbel.

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Our focus in recent years has been on European responses to the post-2008 financial crisis, Brexit and the rise of right-wing populism in Europe. We have already begun work on Europe’s governance responses to Covid-19, involving comparison with the United States, and in 2020-21 seek to pursue that analysis in comparison with other areas of the world covered by ICRS.

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  • Martin Rhodes
    Professor, Josef Korbel School

    Research Interests: Comparative political economy and public policy; economic integration regionally and globally; varieties of capitalism, welfare states, labor markets and financial integration; comparative federalist systems; core-periphery relations.

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Core Faculty

  • Rachel Epstein
    Professor, Josef Korbel School 

    Research Interests: Financial crises, the politics of foreign bank ownership, economic integration and financial reform; emerging economies’ catching-up strategies in the global economy; transatlantic and European security; NATO and civil-military relations.

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  • Kate Tennis
    Teaching Assistant Professor, Josef Korbel School

    Research Interests: Border security, migration and mobility, and transnational security cooperation. 

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  • Lisa Conant
    ProfessorDepartment of Political Science

    Research Interests: Comparative study of law and society, politics of legal integration in the European Union, European Convention on Human Rights and European Court of Human Rights; Europeanization and globalization of national courts; citizenship and immigration in Europe.

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